Romanian Journal of Medical Practice | Vol. 19, No. 1 (98), 2024
ISSN 1842-8258  |  e-ISSN 2069-6108
ISSN-L 1842-8258
DOI: 10.37897/RJMP


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Pending articles

Severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus disease 19 Omicron pandemic era from an oral and maxillofacial perspective – A review

Kavitha K
[ similarity report ]Received: 21 Nov 2023

Preoperative assessment of posterior capsular integrity using a posterior segment OCT with 20D lens: the "Conical sign" to suggest the capsular deficiency in posterior polar cataract

Santosh Kumar Singh
[ similarity report ]Received: 2 January 2024

Evaluation of GAPDH and EF1a genes as reference genes in Molly Fish

Shadia S. Alhamd
[ similarity report ]Received: 8 February 2024

Assessment of water quality in Al-Musharh River in Maysan Province

Narjes Fadhil Abbas
[ similarity report ]Received: 8 February 2024

The regulatory role of erythropoietin in Diabetes Mellitus: A focus on oxidative and glycemic statuses

Muthanna K. Zaki
[ similarity report ]Received: 13 February 2024

Technological aspects in manufacturing of aesthetic prosthetic restorations with metal infrastructure

Viorel Stefan Perieanu
[ similarity report ]Received: 16 February 2024

Intestinal permeability in migraine male patients upon omega-3 and tocopherol administration

Manal Abdulmunem Ibrahim
[ similarity report ]Received: 17 February 2024

Survey among women using Botox, Filler, and Plasma injections in Basrah

Noor S. Jummaah
[ similarity report ]Received: 21 February 2024

The use of some Iraqi animal sera in tissue culture media as a viable substitute for fetal bovine serum

Ghazwan Talib Al-Jaber
[ similarity report ]Received: 24 February 2024 - Retracted

Gall bladder diseases detected by ultrasound and correlated risk factors

Israa Jaafar
[ similarity report ]Received: 29 February 2024

An epidemiological study on the prevalence and risk factors of contact dermatitis among healthcare workers in Iraq

Heba Baqer Abdulrazzaq AL-Haddad
[ similarity report ]Received: 7 March 2024

Estimating the health risks of environmental radiation in soil samples from the National Hospital for Oncology and Hematology in Najaf Al-Ashraf

Ahmed Alshewered
[ similarity report ]Received: 8 March 2024

The prognosis of management following tibial plateau fractures

Khalid Ahmed Mahmood Aledresi
[ similarity report ]Received: 8 March 2024

Comparative study between Platelet Rich Fibrin and Temporalis Fascial Graft in Type 1 Tympanoplasty

Elaf Waleed Khaleel
[ similarity report ]Received: 16 March 2024

Clinicopathological study of thyroid gland cancer among selected sample Basrah province between 2019-2022

Oula Fouad Hameed
[ similarity report ]Received: 16 March 2024

Recording the new genes for CCL2, CCL5 and CXCL10 chemokines in cases with neuroinflammation multiple sclerosis

Ahmed A. Salim
[ similarity report ]Received: 23 March 2024

A prognostic impact of interleukin 32 (IL-32) as an immune marker in patients with bladder cancer

Mohammed Mahdi Abd
[ similarity report ]Received: 23 March 2024

Biochemical analysis of apoptosis to impact of Bacterial Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) Extract on human breast cancer cell line (MCF-7)

Iman A Bachay
[ similarity report ]Received: 31 March 2024

Effect of tocotrienol administration on reproductive efficiency and testicular tissue in obesity induced male rats

Eman H. Rahi
[ similarity report ]Received: 2 April 2024

Vitamin D levels among Iraqi population: regional and seasonal variations

Zaid M. Younus
[ similarity report ]Received: 9 April 2024

Intracranial poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma: Case report and literature review

Younes Dehneh
[ similarity report ]Received: 15 April 2024

A study of polymorphism and the serum level of Haptoglobin of people suffering from sickle cell disease and/or Hepatitis C

Sally Salih Jumaa
[ similarity report ]Received: 16 April 2024

Alpha emitter in samples of antibiotics commonly used in pediatric age groups

Ali Abid Abojassim
[ similarity report ]Received: 18 April 2024

Effect of pentoxyifylline on sperm functions post cryopreservation and thawing in men with Asthenozoospemia

D. H. Hamza
[ similarity report ]Received: 21 April 2024

A study of the relationship between the Galectin‑9 gene (LGALS9) in three types of cancer patients in Basrah, Iraq

Adnan Issa Al-Badran
[ similarity report ]Received: 24 April 2024

Computational profiling of antidepressants-induced molecular docking with placental proteins (IGFBP-1, PlGF-1 and GATA3)

Sarah T. Al-Saray
[ similarity report ]Received: 1 May 2024

Alterations of platelet count, structure, and function in COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 vaccination

Elshazali W. Ali
[ similarity report ]Received: 4 May 2024

Using para-Hisian pacing as electrophysiological maneuver to categorized Supra Ventricular Tachycardia in patient with normal resting ECG

Hayder Abdulateef Zghair Nassir
[ similarity report ]Received: 5 May 2024

Radiological assessment of pulmonary vascular changes and gastrointestinal changes in COVID-19 patients referred to a tertiary health care center in Chennai, India: A prospective crosssectional study

Afwaan Faizal
[ similarity report ]Received: 19 May 2024


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