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The challenge of abdominal surgery in peritoneal dialyzed patients

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Introduction. Peritoneal dialyzed (PD) patients’ surgical emergencies and even routine interventions represent acts that few surgeons agree to perform, because of the complications and risks induced by this method along to those of surgery itself.

Methods. Between March 2009 and March 2014, we conducted a study including PD and hemodialyzed (HD) individuals in need of abdominal surgery, and the duration of each type of intervention was compared in the 2 groups.

Results. In the PD group, 42 surgical interventions were performed – 9 cholecystectomies, 8 intestinal occlusions, 3 appendectomies, 6 interventions for intestinal tumors, 2 gynecological interventions, 14 surgical cured hernias. In HD subjects (n = 35) we recorded: 11 cholecystectomies, 11 intestinal occlusions, 2 appendectomies, 8 intestinal tumors, 8 hernia surgical cures, 4 hysterectomies. The mean duration of surgery was 67.18+/-19.70 minutes in PD group, respectively 46.87+/-20.55 minutes in HD group, a significant statistical difference (p = 0.0032).

Conclusions. PD represents a type of renal replacement therapy with great impact on abdominal surgery conduct, highly increasing the operating time.

Keywords: peritoneal catheter, early complications, biochemical predictors

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